The Chef

Ryan Abitz

Executive Chef/Owner



When you hire Chef Ryan, you get divine culinary creations, big personality and a menu tailored to your needs. Other chefs may be trained in high cost programs from across the world, but Ryan worked his way up the restaurant ladder, from dishwasher as a teenager to Executive Chef before the age of 30. Looking for a standard menu to choose your meals from? You won't find them here. Ryan listens to what his clients are looking for and cooks up a unique spread based on your specifications.

What's in a name?:

When I first visited Austin, TX, the city seemed out of this world - shining lakes, rolling hills, and luscious green trees. The fact that I was able to begin my dream career here made it all the more heavenly to me. I have always loved Italian food, so incorporating that into my business name seemed only natural. Heaven on Earth is where dreams become reality.